“My daughter didn’t want to stop playing. She was so eager to create stories orally and now wants to also start writing them. I can’t wait to try this in my own classroom. Very impressed.”
Teacher mum from Australia
“I bought this app recently and I’ve got to say it’s great fun and not just for kids! It’s great fun to tap back into your childhood and start making up random stories starting with Once upon a Time and just letting your imagination flow.

The app is really clever, you can move the dice around as you wish to create your story and the sound the dice make when you roll them is great. Can’t rate it highly enough - for kids and adults alike!”
Netser from Ireland
“This game is perfect for family fun! The function is totally intuitive - a simple shake and your game begins. The features of the game are well thought out and the sound fx are engaging without being annoying.”
Entheos217 from USA
“Having already become fans of the real Rory’s Story Cubes it was pretty certain that my kids would become fans of the virtual cubes too and so they did. The school run is now filled with laughter and storytelling that I’m certain is stimulating their creativity and paying dividends in terms of increased alertness and response in the classroom.

The app itself is beautifully designed and implemented, the 3D rendering and animation give a ‘realness’ to the cubes that perfectly compliments using the accelerometer to replicate the action of rolling the cubes. If you have kids or want to stimulate your own creativity, I cannot rate this app, or the real cubes for that matter, highly enough. Go get it”
Steve from Ireland
“I was fortunate to have the original cubes in a box. As both a performance manager and a mum with a child who learns visually and by touch I constantly have to think outside the box when it comes to problem solving. I find the cubes a great aide. Now with the app I can bring them with me everywhere. If ever there was a reason needed to have an iPhone this is it! Love it!”
Manager and mum from UK
“I bought the physical cubes (both packs) for my nieces and they love them. We wrote two stories, illustrations and all, within a few hours of them being opened. Getting the app (which works perfectly) for myself because I love the idea of having these with me when I’m starting at a blank page and need a random nudge. The cubes are great for everyone, not just kids, who just needs a random idea once in a while.”
BillyOK from USA